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Corazon Tierra is a body esteem expert, author, blogguer, speaker, dance-theater performer, poet and creator of Beloved BodySoul, a healthy body system that uses dance, body-mind techniques and creative writing. One of the few Latina experts in the United States specialized in positive body image, Corazon has helped thousands of women to love their bodies unconditionally. Women in the U.S., Spain, South Africa and Puerto Rico have experienced the healing power of her workshops, dance-theatre events and educational online content.

Twenty years ago Corazon began her recovery of anorexia, a journey that led her to discover her path as a body esteem healer. Her upcoming book in Spanish, Cuerpografías, is a memoir of her recovery told in poetry. In addition, her fiction writings about anorexia are included in two anthologies: Ana y su anorexia: Más allá de no comer (Editorial La Biblioteca 2005) and Breaking Ground: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers 1980-2010 (Editorial Campana 2011)

For almost 20 years, Corazon was an editor and writer at prominent US’s Spanish language magazines. She reached millions of Hispanic readers with health, wellness and food content published in magazines such as Siempre Mujer, Ser Padres, Healthy Kids en Español, Shape en Español and Latina. A former Health and Food Editor at Siempre Mujer, Corazon is well-known for creating content that highly resonates with Hispanic women.

Now she maintains a self-esteem and wellness blog in Spanish, CuerpoAdentro, empowering Hispanic women around the world to love their bodies, regardless of weight or size. Her healthy body esteem ebook, Bendice tu cuerpo (Blessings for your Body), is a popular body esteem resource for Hispanic women in the USA, Latin American and Spain. Also, she is the self-esteem columnist for Belleza XL, the first online magazine in history for Spanish-speakers plus size people.

As a dance-theater performer, Corazon integrates dance, poetry, theater and music in performances that bring to the audience a healing experience. In the last decade, Corazon has created four performances that reveal body image and eating disorders issues from the Latina perspective. One of these dance-theater performances, CuerpOdiosa, was featured in television in Seville, Spain in 2002.

Corazon is the creator of the No te hagas pequeña Campaign, the first healthy body esteem campaign for Spanish-speaking Latinas in the U.S. In addition, she is a NEDAwareness Week coordinator for the National Eating Disorders Association educating the Latino community about eating disorders prevention.

Corazon holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts (Drama, English and Journalism) from Hofstra University.

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