Preventing Eating Disorders in the Latino Community

Prevent Eating Disorders among Latinas

Topics: Eating Disorders Awareness, Latinas and Eating Disorders

In her experience educating the Latino community about eating disorders, Corazon Tierra has learned that Latinas are receptive to healthy body esteem approaches that are culturally relevant and sensitive to Latino values and traditions. In this educational presentation, she helps you to understand the eating disorders prevention strategies that are effective among Latinas. You will:

  •  Learn what to do and what not to do in order to reach Latinas with ED’s prevention messages.
  •  Put into practice EDs prevention actions that are effective among Latinas.
  •  Learn positive body esteem tools that are highly resonant with Latinas.
  •   Familiarize themselves with the principles of the Beloved BodySoul System, a method designed specifically to help Latinas heal their body esteem.

Duration: 60 minutes
Languages: English, Spanish or Bilingual
Audience: Health professionals, health educators, social workers, school  teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, dietitians, EDs prevention experts, body esteem experts, activists.

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