Raising Latino Children Free of Eating Disorders

Raising Children with Positive Body Image

Topics: Eating Disorder Prevention, Children’s Self- Esteem, Latino Children’s Health

In this educational presentation, Corazon Tierra helps parents to understand how to create a positive body esteem environment for their children. Parents will:

  •  Identify the habits, attitudes, cultural beliefs and behaviors that hurt their children’s body esteem..
  •  Learn 5 simple ways to create an environment where everyone is respected regardless of weight or body type.
  • Discover ways to address obesity without putting their children at risk of an eating disorder.
  •  Learn to identify early signs of an eating disorder and what to do if their children are showing these symptoms.
  •  Familiarize themselves with the 7 principles of the Beloved BodySoul System and learn simple ways to apply these to help their children develop a positive body image

Duration: 60 minutes
Languages: English, Spanish or Bilingual
Audience: Latino parents, Latinas

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