What College Students are Saying About Corazon Tierra’s Presentations

A Powerful Testimonial  
“The performance I found very interesting, and I myself can connect to that situation. I was overweight all my life. I’ve been struggling with the weight since I’ve been a child. As I grew older I never thought it would affect me in such a way. A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with anorexia. I overcame it and gained weight once again. But I never thought I would feel happy with myself. I was unhappy the way I lost the weight. I lost eighty pounds without eating a grain of food. My body looked worse than how I am today. So I can relate to the artist, as the performance was going on I felt everything that was interpreted.” ?Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

  “I think you are doing a great thing. I believe many people are aware of the problem of anorexia but are not taking action to fight the cause. I feel that you personally with your first hand experience will influence someone and many through your dance and spoken words. Keep up the wonderful ways of trying to contribute good to this world.”
?Patricia Mendez
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

A Relevant Message
“Í think that Ms. Corazon Tierra did a good job with her performance. Her topic was interesting since a lot of young people suffer from the way they look. Her message to help others to love themselves was very good.”
 ?P. Foster
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

“I like the presentation a lot because it truly helps many women to overcome and to think about what Corazon Tierra shows. I think it’s a very good idea and it can go places and help a lot of people.”
 ?Ana Leon
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

  “I think that people such as artist Corazon Tierra are good examples for our society, especially for young women. Through her stories and presentations we are being represented as we really are, with our joys and loses, and that’s very important for our society”
?Shallin Cuello
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

 “Corazon Tierra inspired me peace. I don’t know why but it was very special. I saw myself in her. I saw pain and at the same time joy. Really I don’t know how to explain all the fantastic emotions I had when I saw the performance. That day I have mentioned to the teacher that I wasn’t feeling well. But I stayed because as I already said I felt a wonderful connection.”
?Mariluz Ortiz
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

 “The fact that we as humans can use our bodies to express any say is great. God gave us a gift and for anyone to share their gift via dancing and movement is wonderful. I loved the spiritual moments and her relaxed form. It made me satisfied and it cleared my mind, sort of like a deep sleep.”
 ?Starlina Polenco
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

Artistic Mastery
 “I found the whole presentation very interesting. Everything was very natural. She concentrates a lot in what she’s doing, and this shows us that she does it with love and that everything truly comes out of her body. She respects her body and she wants to let us know that all types of bodies are equally important. The experience she lived helped her to understand things that we need to understand.”
 ?Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

 “The presentation was very beautiful. I liked how she used her body to symbolize the body of women and how she used her movements to express what happens to women.”
 ?Luis Vargas
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

 “I love how she incorporated her poem which addresses her problems with anorexia with her theater dance movements. Even the moments when she was not speaking, you could tell just by looking at her that the movements were about a struggle she had with her body.”
 ?Vanessa Figueroa  
Manhattan Community College Student (2007)

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