What Women are Saying About Corazon Tierra’s Programs

“Corazon Tierra, thank you for your messages. They are simple, profound and truthful. I congratulate you from my heart. I have put in practice your tips and I feel much better with myself.

“I wish that many, many girls read your writings. This would help them to value themselves more, and to see all the beauty that life gives us. In that way, if they suffer from anorexia, girls can see in you a role model to follow. Keep on doing this work, Corazon. Many blessings for you.”

 –Erica Schilling
Subscriber to the No te hagas pequeña Campaign


Nurturing Self-Esteem
“I am a very short Latina. All of my life I’ve been referred to as tiny. My family, boyfriends and friends used diminutive terms to address me. I know that they are terms of endearment, but they add up! After a while, you begin to feel tiny, like you’ve never grown up, like you’re not a full adult.

“When I heard ‘No te hagas pequeña’ I jumped because I immediately recognized that ‘Yes, I am NOT small.’ That’s why I joined the campaign. When I read what Corazon says in the free ebook, I recognized how this feeling of being small held me back from growing into my full power. I went to the dance-poetry performance, too. Now I recognize that I am a great human being with big contributions to make to my society. I am no longer willing to be addressed as a tiny person.”

 ?Migdalia Santiago
Social Worker, Audience Member, Subscriber to the No te hagas pequeña Campaign


Healing Body Esteem
“You takes us to our bodies and souls’s healing through the use of symbols. Your writing, both poetic and full of reality, guides women to know and accept that the greatness of their bodies is in the power that they themselves assign to it. How essential is the acceptance of our bodies and how difficult it is! Thank you for taking on this challenge that will help so many women.”
 ?Tanya Torres
Artist and poet, Subscriber to No te hagas pequeña Campaign


Inspirational Art
“This morning I’m enjoying your beautiful words and art.  Thank you for the wonderful words of love and compassi on. Thank you for doing this work. I really need it this morning. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your newsletter to some close friends and to my sisters and asked them to subscribe to your newsletter. The February newsletter was so great.  It was inspirational but simple. My favorite so far was the beautiful art work for Valentine’s day.  Gracias un millión.”

 ?Denise Dominguez
Dominican Lawyer, Subscriber


Awakening the Inner Goddess
“There are people who have an aura that irradiates harmony, peace, joy of living. They pass you by leaving these prints. You are one of those persons. Just a few words from you make us smile and your art heals our hearts. May your success continue.”

?Marisol Morales
Member of No te hagas pequeña Facebook Group



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