The No te hagas pequeña ™ Campaign

The No te hagas pequeña(tm) Campaign is the first national healthy body esteem campaign created by Latinas for Latinas. It encourages Hispanic women to love their bodies as they are and to occupy their rightful space in this beautiful world. We want women to see their beauty as they are right now. We want women to love themselves and enjoy their amazing lives every day, knowing that they are more than enough. They are perfect!

What does “No te hagas pequeña” mean?
The No te hagas pequeña(tm) slogan has caught like wildfire among Latinas, who respond strongly to the message.In English, this would best translate as “don’t make yourself less” or “Don’t shrink your stature.”

“Pequeña” means small. Literally, the message says “don’t make yourself small.” Physically, it alludes to modern day women’s obsession with being thin, not having big hips, not occupying their physical space in the world ~ which then translates into not occupying their space of power in the world. Socially, “No te hagas pequeña” refers to not giving away your power. It encourages women to take up space, to assume their power in the world.

Empowering Latinas to Love their Bodies and Unleash their Greatness
The No te hagas pequeña(tm) message impacts Latinas directly because it goes to the core of the profound disempowerment they feel as women when they feel inadequate and insufficient, even though a powerful being inside them struggles to fly into their rightful space in the world.

The No te hagas pequeña(tm) slogan exposes the problem that women in general and Latinas in particular are facing. It refers to the destructive power that the obsession with being thin, losing weight and hiding our power has on women.

Women can lose weight in a healthy way, and in the United States many women need to improve their eating habits. This change, however, should not be brought about by fear and self-rejection because that erodes a woman’s self-love and self-esteem.

Whatever changes a woman needs to undertake to be healthier can be achieved by changing her lifestyle and improving her eating habits. The problem we address is the distortion of self-health into self-hatred.

When a woman believes that she is “never thin enough” or hates her body and obsesses about her body, feeling defective; the experience changes from a focus on her health to a focus on self-hatred. This focus is destructive because:

  • It erodes a woman’s self-esteem.
  • It is an obstacle to self-love.
  •  It restricts her vision from who she is and what she wants to worrying about her appearance.
  •  It leads to self-hatred.
  •  It leads to eating disorders, such as anorexia, overeating and bulimia.
  • It alienates a woman from her body, which may lead to self-neglect and health issues.
  • It alienates women from their sexuality and womanhood, making them hate their curves, belly and softness. For Latinas, this is specially destructive because we tend to have ample hips and that leads to conflicts with one’s identity.
  • It steals a woman’s energy and attention from her dreams and her contribution to society, restricting her own impact in the world.
  • It makes a woman feel that, no matter how much she contributes to the world and gives to her loved ones, she is still not enough.

Our campaign wants to return the focus to health and happiness by helping women focus on their beauty and value. When a Latina hears the No te hagas pequeña(tm) slogan, she is reminded….

  • not to shrink her true stature.
  • of her true value.
  • to release her spine and walk tall.
  • to breathe deeply and feel the empty spaces inside her body, filling them with the Breath of Life.
  • to raise her sternum to the sky, like a majestic swan, and not hide her neck like an ugly duckling.
  • that she is beautiful and important.
  • to have pride in her culture and Ancestry.
  • that the feeling of insufficiency is an illusion and that her True Self is made of greatness.
  • that she has the power and the right to occupy her rightful space in this beautiful world.
  • to measure herself by the gifts and the love that her presence brings to her community.
  • the No te hagas pequeña(tm) Campaign wants to encourage Hispanic women to love their bodies just as they are, nurturing their self-love and self-esteem and focusing their energy on their dreams and goals, without a shadow of a doubt.

How to join the No te hagas pequeña ™ Campaign?
If you are Latina who wants to empower yourself with the resources of the No te hagas pequena Campaign, join the campaign today here. You will receive a free ebook, Bendice tu cuerpo, a monthly ezine and discounts for our events.

If you are an organization interested in joining the campaign and offering your clients the healthy body esteem resources of the No te hagas pequena Campaign, contact Corazon Tierra here.

Visit the campaign website in Spanish at



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