The Beloved BodySoul Program

Self-Esteem Program Beloved BodySoulTopics: Self-Esteem, Positive Body Image, Wellness for Women

Corazon Tierra has created the Beloved BodySoul System (Sistema CuerpoAdentro) to help women and young girls love their bodies unconditionally, regardless of weight or size. In this program, she helps women to stop the war against the body and to heal their relationship with their bodies. The dance meditations, body-mind techniques, affirmations and poetry help women to awaken the wisdom of their bodies. Women learn to activate the 7 Beloved BodySoul principles in their lives to manifest self-love, self-esteem, self-empowerment, health and wellness.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours workshops
Program Length:  3 to 10 workshops weekly or biweekly
Languages: English, Spanish, Bilingual

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