The No te hagas pequeña Program

Self-Esteem Campaign for Latinas

Topics: Self-Esteem, Positive Body Image, Latina Empowerment

Corazon teaches Latinas to reclaim the territory of their bodies as the essential step for self-empowerment. Corazon has identified seven ways in which Latinas rob themselves of their greatness. She helps women to heal these beliefs and behaviors through body awareness exercises, movement meditations, creative writing, dance and the Beloved Body Soul’ s principles. These workshops are inspirational and motivational experiences. Women come out knowing specific tools that they can use on their own to empower themselves. This program is part of the No te hagas pequeña Campaign, the first healthy body esteem campaign for Spanish-speaking women in the USA.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours workshops
Program Length: 3 to 10 workshops weekly or biweekly
Languages: English, Spanish, Bilingual

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