The Beloved BodySoul System

The Beloved Body Soul System ™, created by healthy body esteem Corazon Tierra,¬† is a a healthy body esteem method that help you to heal your relationship with the body and with food from a holistic perspective. Your body is much more than your physical appearance, it is much more than a size or a number of pounds.The ¬†seven principles of the Beloved BodySoul System help you to create a healthy lifestyle based on self-love, body-mind connection and the awakening of the Inner Goddess.

Through dance meditations, creative movement, body-mind practices, creative writing, affirmations and self-discovery strategies, you learn to relate to your body with love, free of beauty stereotypes.

Start living a healthy life with the Beloved BodySoul principles today!

1. Live present in your body. Stop the rush, release stress and come back to the present moment. Feel your breathing, feel the sensations in your body without judging yourself. Be present in the here and now. Enjoy your inner silence and the magnificent gift of being alive in your body.

2. Awaken the wisdom of your body. Stop the war against your body and listen to your body. Your body talks to you with your emotions,your feelings, your joys and pains, your desires and passions. It talks to you with the voice of the digestive system, with the voice of your heart beat. When you truly listen to your body, then you can discover what you need to do or not do in order to live in balance.

3. Receive the gifts of Mother Earth. Food is not your enemy. Food is a gift from life. Make a beautiful dinner for you. Serve it on a beautiful table, Eat slowly enjoying each flavor and texture. If you eat like this, then your relationship with food becomes healthier automatically.

4. Discover the emotional landscape of your body. Your emotions reside in the body. Emotion is energy in motion and that energy moves in the body. Release the toxic emotional patterns that are trapped in your body and nurture your BodySoul with loving emotions.

5. Experience your body as a manifestation of your Soul. Your body is not a machine disconnected from who you are; your body allows you to express your authentic self. Discover the space within you where your body is in complete harmony with your authentic self.

6. Occupy your space of power and share your magnificent presence with the world. Free the power of your presence without repressing aspects of yourself in order to please others. Share your greatness.

7. Celebrate your unique beauty and unleash your grace. Define beauty in your own terms and reclaim it as an experience of inner harmony. Celebrate beauty diversity.


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